Filling Bellies is a charity organisation with the goal of helping those less fortunate; the cold, the hungry, the lonely, the homeless. It’s run entirely by volunteers and with donated money, food, etc.

Robert Smith

The organisation was founded by Robert Smith, who is still the driving force behind the activities. Robert is originally from the UK, but after living i Hong Kong and in other locations around the world, he moved with his family to Västerås in Sweden in 1997. In Västerås, as he has been in locations around the world, Robert started to help those in need, primarily the homeless. By providing food, shelter, and friendship, he quickly gained the respect of the community. Filling Bellies is the parent organisation for what will become a series of locations around the world all with the same goal. With the first location of Filling Bellies established in Västerås, the concept is set to expand internationally with a number of additional locations in the pipeline, including Kaliningrad in Russia and London, UK. Right now Filling Bellies has affiliates in:

Sponsors and partners

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