Brief summary of what was discussed and said:

Robert said the plan is to open the soup kitchen 2-3 days a week from September although it has not been nailed down exactly. We will be serving food on more days, probably weekdays. Robert will have a meeting with Puustelli soon to talk about us using their kitchen for this. We’ll have another meeting in August to discuss this further and hopefully more people can come then. Robert will meet with Magnus Hansson of Charity of Food once he is back from Turkey to discuss this further. The idea is that Charity of Food will deliver food that can be cooked to Västerås several days per week.

Robert said that he was in Stockholm last week about the train and it’s pretty much ironed out. But at the moment, Robert thinks, we should focus on using Intiman: Björn is happy with it, the guys love it. In terms of the train we should focus on getting the sleeping car rather than the dining car. Robert will be in touch with people in Borlänge about taking this further. We’ll make a decision towards the end of the summer about the train.

Filling Bellies now has about 8000 kr in the bank.

Robert said that the major focus for us has to get people behind the soup kitchen, supporters and sponsors. We also need people to help out that are 100% committed. People should not just drop by because they have 10 minutes on a Sunday. Not coming some weeks is not a problem but consistently missing out, coming or going late is not going to work. Normal time to help is 12.30-16.30, to be able to prepare and clean up. You cannot form a relationship with the guys unless you put in quite a bit of time.

We’re developing a model in Västerås with the soup kitchen for towns all over Sweden, Robert said.

Robert has looked at making the soup kitchen a registered association (förening) but has, for the moment, decided to look into foundation (stiftelse) and other forms of organization instead. He and Björn both have experience from forming associations where members basically take over the association and put in a new board, ousting the previous board. And that’s not something that Robert wants to happen. Björn has suggested setting it up as two associations where one association controls the other. Robert will contact Almi and he and Magnus Nystedt will go meet with them. Almi will then advice on how to form Filling Bellies to some kind of registered organization. Unfortunately Robert had a bad experience with them about two years ago. Almi was going to help with registering a foundation for the soup kitchen. But after many meetings and submitting the papers they said the papers were wrong and that was after paying the fee. To submit again another fee would have to have been paid. Robert will arrange a meeting with Almi, his contact is away for a few more weeks on holiday, then he and Magnus N will go meet with them. Robert will give copies of the papers Robert submitted two years ago to Magnus N so he can prepare.

Suspended clothes will happen according to Robert. He is in touch with H&M and Gina Tricot.